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Summary: In this article we cover the Smart car and how it was named. The Smart car obviously gets great gas mileage, however with it’s miniature size how does it hold up in a crash? The Crash test video shown in this article helps to reveal how it measures up when it’s involved in a collision. Our exclusive pictures show how small the Smart car really is, we couldn’t resist the temptation to compare it with a golf cart.

An interesting fact is how the Smart car was actually named. The Smart car was originally a project of the Swatchcompany (a Swiss watch maker). Prior to it’s final naming, Swatch approached GM and then VW for for possibly teaming up to produce then nicknamed Swatchmobile. GM and VW ended up declining the proposal to produce the Swatchmobile. Daimler-Benz and Swatch ended up coming to an agreement to produce the car. That’s when the name “Smart” was created as an acronym from Swatch Mercedes (SM) ART.


Living in the US, it strikes me as odd to see a golf cart sized car tooling down the road next to semi tractor trailers. In other parts of the world people are much more used to seeing mini-cars. In fact it makes getting around town much easier, especially when it comes to parking. Two Smart cars can fit into one regular parking space! The American model pictured has a 1.0 Liter gasoline engine. Other power plants are available such as other gas engines, diesel and plans an electric powered model in 2010. The most talked about Smart car amongst mechanics that I’ve talked to has been the Hayabusa powered car; cool & scary at the same time.

The Smart car crash test outcome was rather surprising to me, I didn’t know a stock Smart car could reach 70 MPH. Kidding aside, it withstood the impact much better than I thought it would and it came out looking like a Smart car (still recognizable). However, since the car is so small it will undoubtedly absorb much less of the energy in an accident than a larger car. That makes the occupants subject to more of an abrupt impact during an accident. Curtain airbags or not, Smart car vs. Silverado… it most likely will be curtains for the Smart car.


Smart car with a Hayabusa VS Ferrari.

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