1"" to 4"" Disc Abrasives, Roloc 2

3M 07516 2" Gray Super Fine Scotch Brite Roloc Discs

3M 07516 2

Product #: MMM7516

Your Price: $34.40

Brand: 3M

25 Pack:
  • Quick 1/2 turn on, 1/2 turn off  Roloc disc fastening system
  • Use with 3M Roloc Disc Pad 05539
  • Best used on aluminum parts
  • Maximum operating speed: 25,000
  • 2" Gray Super Fine
  • 25 discs per box
Used to quickly remove cut cork or paper gaskets and form in place gasket materials prior to the assembling of power train components, engine blocks, heads, and valve covers.  Also offers ease of Disc centering and is used in conjunction with 3M Roloc Disc pad assembly 05539.



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