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OTC 6575 Hub Grappler - Bearing Service Kit

OTC 6575 Hub Grappler - Bearing Service Kit image

Product #: OTC6575

Your Price: $563.99

Brand: OTC

The Hub Grappler Kit is the complete solution for servicing wheel hubs and bearings on the vehicle without removing the steering components or knuckle. Specifically designed to apply maximum force with minimal effort from an impact gun to also minimize service time. 
• The new jaws are designed and sized to properly fit hub applications and can be quickly located on the puller bar without the use of fasteners.
• The new 3/4" custom drive screw coupled with the special equalizer washer provides smooth operation while the proprietary heat treating extends its life 5-10 times longer than similar designs.
• 6 new adapters increases application coverage up to 2009 model year. Also includes tie rod/ball joint tool and 2 Ford axle installers.
• The new Hub Grappler Application Guide is the most comprehensive hub and bearing service guide on the market. Developed to be the first tool used in the kit, it provides quick reference to the other tools in the kit required to do the job, eliminating guesswork and saving time.