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OTC 6763 Ford 6.0L Fuel High Pressure Adapter Set

OTC 6763 Ford 6.0L Fuel High Pressure Adapter Set image

Product #: OTC6763

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*This pair of High Pressure Fuel Rail Adapters is required to connect to the vehicle's fuel line. The fuel line connection changed in 2004 so the two adapters give you the capability to address either platform for pressure testing. For 2003-07 6.0L diesel engines. Use with shop air to pressure test using a common 1/4" male air hose fitting (not included). Click the following for the OTC 6763 Operating Instructions. The two adapters in this listing is like the 511671 and 551581 shown on the instructions.

The fitting pictured on the right is similar to the Rotunda 303-765.

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