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RTI 360-82175-00 Combo Filter Kit for AC Machine 980

RTI 360-82175-00 Combo Filter Kit for AC Machine 980 image

Product #: RTI360-82175-00

Your Price: $166.45

Brand: RTI

Filter Kit: 360 82175 00. See below for more information.

The RHS980C combo filter must be replaced afterevery 150 LB (68 KG) of refrigerant has beenrecovered from A/C systems. An alert will displaywhen the filter life is at 100 LB (45.35 KG). TheRHS980C will shut down when the filter life is at 150LB (68 KG). A new filter must be installed and a serialnumber entered to re-start the RHS980C.A special routine for changing the combo filter is explained on MAINTENANCE OPTIONS in thismanual.Remove the document pocket on the left side of theRHS980C to gain access to the combo filter. Thecombo filter is on the right side of the manifold asshown in the photo. A hex on top of the filter isprovided to make filter removal and installation easy.Use an open end wrench on this hex. New O-rings areprovided with the replacement filter. Apply a lightcoating of mineral oil to the o-rings prior to reassembly.A serial number is printed on a label attached to the new filter. Make a note of this number as it may not bevisible when the filter is installed. This serial number must be entered to reset the 150 LB (68 kg) filter liferoutine. Refer to MAINTENANCE OPTIONS sectionfor instructions regarding machine reset.

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