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Lisle LIS 40200 Large Magnetic 3/8" Socket Tray- RED

Lisle LIS 40200 Large Magnetic 3/8

Product #: LIS40200

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Brand: Lisle

3/8" 28PC Socket Holder Red Organizes 3/8" Fractional and Metric Sockets. Twenty-eight socket compartments that allow you to keep your 3/8" standard and deep sockets in one convenient holder. Holds sockets up to 1" or 24mm. Design of holders leaves sockets exposed for easy identification. Powerful magnets securely hold sockets in tray, and tray to any steel surface. Made of strong ABS plastic. Fits most 3/8" socket sets. Magnet holder allows sticking the sockets on any steel surface like under side of car, service cart ot side of tool box. Measures 16.5" by 4.5" including the handle.