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General Mfg 1113-2500 Lig Flu 25' Stubby II

General Mfg 1113-2500 Lig Flu 25' Stubby II image

Product #: GEN1113-2500

Your Price: $42.78

Brand: General Manufacturing

Patented rough service lamp, which is 10 times more impact resistant than standard lamps.

  • Lamp is rated at 10,000 hours and produces 825 lumens of 5000K colored bright white light
  • Polycarbonate outer tube with end lense sonically welded to the tube is extremely tough
  • Soft end cap and bumpers provide impact protection
  • Cord type: 18/2 SJTOW oil resistant, watertight

The Stubby II was developed to get light into tight spaces by incorporating a clear lense, lamp cushion, and bumper at the end of the light fixture. The Stubby II is also extremely rugged and stands up to a daily use in harsh environments. Light fixture is 11" long and 2" diameter.