OTC 1025 5-Ton, Grip-O-Matic Puller

OTC 1025 5-Ton, Grip-O-Matic Puller image

Product #: OTC1025

Your Price: $57.86

Brand: OTC

Mechanical Grip-O-Matic Puller Remove and install parts for fast, effective repairs. The puller is forged from quality steel, heat treated, and subjected to rigorous tests which exceed their rated capacity.
5-Ton, Long 2-Jaw (Reversible Jaws)
Max. Reach 5-1/2" Max. Spread 6"
Screw Size 9/16"20 x 6-15/16"
Jaw Thickness Upper 5/16" Lower 1/4"
Jaw Width Upper 3/8" Lower 3/4"

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