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Access Tools ERK Emergency Car Unlocking Kit

Access Tools ERK Emergency Car Unlocking Kit image

Product #: AETERK

Your Price: $124.05

  • Unlock virtually any vehicle in seconds

  • Contains all tools and accessories for Emergency Lock-outs

  • Special coated long reach tool for damage free openings

  • Unique jack and super air jack system works quickly and easily

  • No damage to vehicle, easy to use

When unlocking the door is the only option, the Emergency Response Kit is there to save the day. This kit includes everything needed for an opening using a long reach tool style opening. Includes 2 long reach tools: our flexible long reach and our two piece Mighty Max, both vinyl coated for vehicle protection. Also Included are 2 jack tools, our Super Air Jack, the Glass Man tool (for windows without frames), our RCBM for vertical buttons, a carrying case and more. See the car lock out kit product video below.


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