Astro Pneumatic

Astro Pneumatic 1423 13" Heavy Duty Hand Riveter

Astro Pneumatic 1423 13" Heavy Duty Hand Riveter image

Product #: AST1423

Your Price: $27.71

Brand: Astro Pneumatic

  • Patented structure increases power and reduces shake

  • Shortest long arm riveter which can operate up to 1/4" stainless steel rivets

  • Shorter handle with double compound hinges that maximize leverage

  • Ergonomic grip for easy operation

  • 3 piece jaws are made of Cr-Mo steel

This 13" Heavy Duty Hand Riveter is ideal for working in hard-to-reach areas. Also One of our most versatile and powerful hand riveters, taking the hard work out of setting large diameter blind rivets. A one-piece collet case eliminates the need to adjust the tool when changing rivet diameters. Includes 5 nose-pieces: 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 1/5", and 1/4".


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