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TIME-SERT J-42385-500 GM/Northstar Cylinder Headbolt Thread Repair Kit 11x1.5

TIME-SERT J-42385-500 GM/Northstar Cylinder Headbolt Thread Repair Kit 11x1.5 image

Product #: Time J-42385-500 DLT

Your Price: $477.02

Time-Sert J-42385-500 NorthStar M11x1.5mm head bolt thread repair kit for "first time" repairs, meaning Helicoil or some other competing brand was not used previously. If doing a 2nd time repair see the oversize BIG-SERT kits J-42385-500BS or 2200BS. Note this kit is for the engine block that has ONE depth for all head bolt holes. Has 10 FIRST REPAIR 11155 (QTY10DLT) inserts included, a total of 20 is required for entire block. An extra 10 pack required for entire block.

Last year for this block 1999 Cadillac Northstar 4.0 / 4.6 V8. First Repair General Motors also fits:

Oldsmobile Aurora
1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999

J-42385-500 Thread Repair Kit Includes

  Laminated "Directions" Card - See the Printable instructions for J-42385-500

  Drill fixture PN 56111

  Drill bushing  PN J-42385-302

  Alignment pin PN J-42385-303 

  Bolts - Quantity (3)  PN J-42385-503

  Step drill  PN J-42385-504

  Tap PN J-42385-505  

  Insert driver PN J-42385-506  

  Inserts Quantity of 10 - PN 11155 

  Loctite PN 6020

  Driver oil PN 6010

Timesert is recommended by leading automotive manufacturers. 

Kit is NOT for 2000 and up - see the J-42385-2000 linked below which is for two different depths that can work for both depths. 

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