Dynabrade 76008 Vacuum Orbital Sanding Pad 6"

Dynabrade 76008 Vacuum Orbital Sanding Pad 6

Product #: DYB76008

Your Price: $22.18

Brand: Dynabrade

  • High-quality vinyl-face with 6 vac holes

  • Weight-mated for perfect balance

  • High quality premium urethane construction

  • Fiberglass-backing is 100% inspected insuring the finest pad

  • Top-washer held to .0015" flatness--important for balance

This highly-engineered pad is the finest available. The highest quality urethane and vinyl is used. The weight and durometer (hardness level) is highly-controlled. This insures vibration levels are at their state-of-the-art lowest. This is truly a premium pad.

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