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Mityvac 7400 Fluid Evacuator 7.3 Liter Capacity

Mityvac 7400 Fluid Evacuator 7.3 Liter Capacity image

Product #: MIT7400

Your Price: $83.10

Brand: Mityvac

The MityVac MIT7400 fluid evacuator extractor is used extract fluid from automobiles or boats through dipstick fill tubes or through small diameter hoses, many boats and jet skis are designed to have the engine oil removed with a fluid evacuator like this one. This fluid extractor has a fluid reservior capacity of 7.3 Liters (1.9 gallons) 

Strong reservoir - designed with stiffening ribs for added durability

MIT 7400 has a strong pump handle this means longer fluid extractor tool life

Larger base on the MityVac for reduced chance of tipping the fluid evacuator and spilling the fluid

The MIT7400 has the ability to evacuate most automotive and marine liquids and chemicals, including transmission fluid, brake fluid, gear oil, engine oil and anti freeze

Automatic shut-off prevents overfilling of the evacuators reservoir

Requires no electricity or compressed air to operate, ideal for field use or in the marina

Pressure relief valve for safety

Durable polyethylene construction will not rust or corrode

Dip stick tubes for engine oil and transmission fluid removal

Quick-drain pour spout for easy emptying of evauated fluids

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